Anytone 5555 10m /11m AM FM SSB Radio (Up To 40 Watts!!!)

Modding my Maycom and then realising there are no side bands (Doh!) has spurred me into buying one of these Anytone AT-5555 10m Radios – (A.K.A. The SuperStar SS6900 – amongst other names and model numbers).


A friend of mine (M3NFA) actually owns one of these Anytone’s and we recently installed a dedicated modified GP27 CB antenna for him. His first contact after the antenna install was to Athens, Greece and the signal and audio reports were fantastic. My AT-5555 should hopefully be here today along with a nice new 15Amp PSU to back up it’s top whack 40w grunt (which I’m not allowed to use – being an M6 and limited to 10 watts on the Ham Bands).

By the weekend I hope to be up and running with a dedicated (homemade) 10m antenna kindly donated to me by my friend G4ZTD, a nice new AT-5555 and a bigger PSU with more grunt :D

I’ve had everything shipped out with the quickest possible shipping options and I’m hoping my PSU and Radio both arrive today.

All that remains to be said now is…… hurry up postie!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Anytone 5555 10m /11m AM FM SSB Radio (Up To 40 Watts!!!)”

  1. Just wanted to add that no doubt I’ll soon be building a Data Interface box for this radio so that I can send RTTY, SSTV etc.

    There are no data sockets on this radio (that I know of), everything is done via the mic socket so the idea I’ve got in mind is to build an interface box that plugs into the mic socket with the PC and Mic connecting to the interface. My aim is to be able to switch between Data and Telephony without having to keep unplugging stuff and plugging it back in again like I have to with my FT-290R.

    I’ve already been eyeing up some of the parts that are going to be required such as 4 pin chassis mount sockets and plugs :D

  2. Nice site m8. I will add you to my links and the links on fun radio. Just had a wierd problem the FT 990 would not transmit and I was thinking Kelvin I need you, but descovered that it was due to the interface cables plugged in the back for Ham Radio Deluxe which I have still not managed to get working Properly yet. And I am begining to think it has dubios benefits if the radio will not operate stand alone once connected to the pc. MMSTV and its accociated programs seem to have this covered quit nicely anyway.

  3. Thank you very much Steve.

    That’s strange. Never heard of that one before but like you said, MMSSTV and other softwares have it covered so hopefully it won’t present too much of a problem.

    I tried HRD when I had the 857 and to be honest, I couldn’t really see the benefit of it other than I can controll the radio from the PC.. Not really labour saving when the dial was only inches from my hand anyway LOL Maybe I didn’t give it enough time seeing as I only tried it for one day and left it alone after that. I suppose it’s handy to some but not for me.

  4. Hi Mike,
    I’ve had the ANYTONE 5555 now for just over 2 months, and really like it. It’s really easy to program for a start which was a plus, and the audio out and in is very nice. One nice touch is that you can see the SWR in real time as you speak also.
    I’m no fan of Echo, so as I was programming it, I made sure this was switched off via the software.
    I’ve had a few contacts into Europe and the States, and they all commented on how crisp the audio was. The rig somehow reminds me of the Superstar 3900F in a way, but it’s built much better.

    Hope you enjoy using it, as I do.

    I spend most of my time on HF Datamodes, and do use SSB from time to time, so I hope to bump into you one of the days on the bands…..

  5. Hey there Dave,

    Many thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

    I’m pretty new to HF but yes, I’m really really impressed with my Anytone – you can’t drag me away from it at the moment hi hi. I’m running mine into a converted GP27 vertical CB antenna and so far I’m very pleased with how well it’s performing. I’ve only made two contacts with it so far but they have all been good reports. I’m slowly getting over my mic shyness and wanting to make more and more contacts now I’ve made one LOL

    I’m even picking up Amercian CB in the evenings on AM and I’ve heard rumours that AM will soon be legal in the UK. If that happens, I’m looking forward to seeing if I can make the skip across the pond on 11m too :)

    Yes, I’m really enjoying using this radio and I really should think about going for my 2E0 so that I can use it to its full potential.

    I also agree with you about echo mic.. I think it sounds horrible and mine is permanently off. One thing I do need to get is the programming cable as mine came without but it came pre-programmed with 10m.

    I would definitely recommend this rig and as it happens, my friend who helped me set mine up has just gone out and won one on ebay LOL

    I want to get something either on 6m or 20m next but first I’m going to enjoy 10m and try and meet my goal of at least one station worked in every single country of the world.

    Hope to cath you on the air in the not too distant future (SSB or Data). Good luck and good DX my friend.

    73s for now


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