Cheap Acrylic Off Cuts for CNC Machines – Hobby, Practice Etc

I have just discovered a reasonably good source of cheap Acrylic off cuts for CNC machines on eBay which would be suitable for milling or engraving practice. A of various sizes, thicknesses and colour can be had for about £17 delivered.


Cheap Acrylic Off Cuts for CNC – What Do You Get?

The Acrylic scraps and off cuts aren’t perfect but most, if not all of them come with their protective film still attached.

You can choose to have a random assortment of colours, all opaque or all clear when you order but you don’t get to choose or specify specific sizes or thicknesses – those will be random.

Could you use them for end products? Well I can’t honestly answer that question. It depends on many things unique to the user. I guess if I were milling or cutting small cubes for key rings or something then It’s possible.


Cheap Acrylic Off Cuts for CNC
Cheap Acrylic Off Cuts for CNC

But it would be the repeatably of the quality that you couldn’t count on. If the off cuts are random each time then in one order you could get 10 sheets the same size and thickness and another time not. Instead you would probably get lots of small off cuts full of scratches. Far better to order a decent sheet for end production.

As far as practice goes, these off cuts would work well.

The one thing I’m not sure of yet is how much you get for your money. Selling by weight means nothing to me. A 4Kg box of acrylic could theoretically have one slab of Acrylic weighing 4Kg in it or it could have dozens of small pieces making up that weight. The Quality / Quantity ratio is yet to be determined.


With a bit of luck, my box of Acrylic scraps and off cuts will be here by mid-week so I’ll be able to report back further.


Update – My Acrylic Off Cuts from eBay Have Arrived

My Acrylic off cuts arrived this morning and I’ve made a quick update video which I’ve posted below. In the video I show you what you get for your money and I really do think it’s a lot. I’m very happy with my purchase and the assortment of colours and sizes I got sent.

I’ve got enough to keep me happy and busy for a good while in my box and I’m sure I can find other uses for it such as making boxes and cases for my future projects.

I can highly recommend the eBay seller I purchased my 4KG Box of Acrylic Off Cuts and Scraps from. You can purchase yours HERE.



I’ve also included this post in the Product Reviews Category on this website as I feel it now qualifies to be there.

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