Keystudio CNC Shield V4 Arduino Nano 12V

My Keystudio CNC Shield V4 arrived yesterday. I ordered it from eBay at the same time I ordered my Arduino Uno CNC Shield V3.0 Kit which is to replace the control board (JP-382C) in my CNC USB3040 so that I can use GRBL and Auto-Leveling for PCB making.

My Keystudio CNC Shield V4 from eBay
My Keystudio CNC Shield V4 from eBay


Why Buy the Keystudio CNC Shield V4 and Not Use it for the CNC Upgrade?

The reason I’ve opted to upgrade my CNC machine with the Arduino Version 3.0 CNC shield instead of the Version 4.0 shield boils down simply to the fact that the V3.0 Shield is tried, tested and well documented. There’s lots of guides and support out there for upgrading a Chinese CNC 3040 to an Arduino CNC V3 board with GRBL which makes the job a lot easier than having to figure things out for yourself when it’s all new to you. With the V4.0 board being so new, there isn’t as much information out there yet.

I really only purchased the V4.0 CNC shield as a curiosity and as a sort of backup plan in case the V3.0 shield doesn’t work out for whatever reason.


Keystudio CNC Shield V4 Bottom Side
Keystudio CNC Shield V4 Bottom Side


Speaking of Things not Working Out…

I’ve hit a snag in my planned CNC 3040 controller upgrade. =[

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was planning to leave the original control box that came with the CNC machine intact while building up an entirely new CNC control box based around the Arduino V3.0 CNC Shield Kit. The plan was to source a new power supply and VFD board for the new Arduino CNC control box so that I didn’t have to butcher any parts out of my original control box. However, I’m struggling to find a JP-1482 VFD Spindle Board to use.

I had hoped they would be available to buy on eBay but there are none to be found on ebay or anywhere on the internet that I’ve thought to look for that matter.

So my next step was to contact the eBay seller I purchased my CNC 3040 from and ask them where I can source spare parts such as the JP-1482 VFD board. What I got back was basically the equivalent of a blank stare in written translation. Well it was actually the same message sent back a couple of time which went along the lines of – “If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask”.

Erm, well I didn’t I just ask you a question, more than once in fact?!? lol.


The JP-1482 CNC Spindle / Power Board
The JP-1482 CNC Spindle / Power Board


SCUPPERED – Time to Rethink my CNC Controller Upgrade Plans

At the time of writing this, I’ve just had an email reply from the eBay seller who advised me to search eBay for the JP-1482 board. Hmm. Not much help there then. I’ve just replied telling him I have searched eBay and I’ve searched Google to death and can’t find that board anywhere. I doubt I’m going to get much help locating one from the seller then. =[

Looks like I’m going to have to have a rethink on this upgrade now.

I’ve been looking at Spindle upgrades recently with a view to buying an 800W Spindle, possibly larger if the machine will take it. So maybe I’ll hold fire on the upgrade until then. The spindle motor upgrades I’ve been looking at come with an external VFD unit so the JP-1482 board will then be surplus to requirements in that case. Alternatively, I could just bite the bullet and steal the JP-1482 out of the control box now and build my new Arduino based controller and worry about the upgraded spindle later.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I need to have a think.

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