Pictures of Moths and Butterflies I’ve Seen Recently

I love nature and as a child I spent countless hours in the garden making mud pies and getting up close with all the natural wildlife in my surroundings. Spiders, Moths, frogs, newts, bees and more. These days I’m seeing more and more insects I don’t remember ever seeing as a child.

Such as this beautifully striking red and black Cinnabar Butterfly I saw on our hallway wall the other evening.

Red and Black Cinnabar Butterfly in the UK
Red and Black Cinnabar Butterfly in the UK

Of course I didn’t even know it was a Cinnabar butterfly until I googled it prior to writing this post. You learn something new every day =]

Speaking of days, the very next day I was out in the garden and came across another moth / butterfly I don’t recall seeing before.

Another Unidentified Moths in the UK
An Unidentified Moths in the UK



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