Some Playful Artistic Pictures of my USB CNC 3040

I’ve just had a go at milling a little perspex / acrylic V carved sign. It didn’t go too bad for a first genuine attempt. I was so impressed with the results I decided to take some fun pictures of my USB CNC 3040 posed with the sign and various props placed in various positions.

I’ve had a couple of little “dummy” attempts at V carving previously but this was my first actual attempt at something decent.

Pictures of my USB CNC 3040 with my newly V Carved Acrylic Sign


I used a 0.1mm V shaped engraving bit at 30 degrees angle and I used F-Engrave to generate the G-Code tool paths. There’s more experimenting to do yet with different cutters and speeds to see what results I can achieve. I don’t expect anything spectacular with the bog standard 200W spindle but it doesn’t do too badly.


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