Prusa I3 Pro B 3D Printer Settings for Slic3r

I’m experimenting around with some new 3D printer settings for Slic3r so that I can print this dreaded worm screw required for the SatNOGS V2 Satellite Tracker. But before I go and change my settings too radically, I thought I’d make a video of what settings I’ve used with the I3 Pro B Prusa eBay clone 3D printer with great success.

3D Printer Settings for Slic3r

All of the settings I use for Slic3r are shown and described in the following video. If you have any questions, please comment below or on my Youtube Video.

I have also included a link to the STL file for the filament spool bearings I made in the video. These bearings are designed to fit the stock filament holder that comes with theĀ but they may fit others as well. The internal diameter of the hole is 34.5mm while the outer diameter of the insert which goes into the filament spool is around 46mm.


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