Royal Mail, Royal Fail, Royal Snail

Remind me again how much it costs these days for a First Class stamp and I’ll remind you of a time when we used to get our First Class Post WELL before 12 Noon!  Royal Mail, Royal Fail, Royal Snail – call them what you will but this is another service that has gone down the pan over the years.

First Class Stamp Prices Ridiculous
Royal Mail, Royal Fail, Royal Snail – First Class Stamp Prices are Ridiculous these Days

Royal Mail, Royal Fail, Royal Snail!

I recall a time when postage stamps were a LOT cheaper than they are today and 90% of us had received our First Class post by 8:30 – 9am and we’d often get a second delivery of Second Class Post later in the day towards noon.

As child I was always an early riser and as it happened my best friend’s parents were both posties. Most mornings I would wake up early and sneak round to his house as soon as his parents had left for work and we’d play games on his computer or just lark about or whatever. Usually by about 9am his parents would return home having completed their rounds on foot.

Today however, we are lucky if we see our post before 12 Noon AND it takes two postmen in a van to do it!


Time Ticks Slowly Away…

And yes, I am sat here at the mercy of Royal Fail and their miserable posties which is what prompted me to post this.

Right now I can’t get on with anything because I am waiting on items to arrive in the post and of course by the time they do arrive – IF they arrive – half the day will have rolled by – unproductively.



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