The Detectives (Jasper Carrot & Robert Powell)

I had forgotten just how funny The Detectives (Starring Robert Powell & Jasper Carrot) were back in the day – and still are in fact.

For the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of re-capturing my youth by watching all 5 seasons. Sadly that came to an end last night as I finished the last episode of the last season 🙁

Having watched them all, I was puzzled as to why none of them seemed to contain the “Drugs Sketch”, so I hopped on to YouTube to look it up and satisfy my curiosity. It was then I remembered that The Detectives had actually started out as a small sketch in one of Jasper Carrot’s TV shows.

For those of you that haven’t seen or heard of the detectives and for those of you that just want to reminisce I have added the video of the “Drugs Sketch” below. Happy viewing! 🙂

The Detectives on YouTube:

Link to Jasper Carrot & Robert Powell “Drug Sketch” YouTube Video

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